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In addition to The Touch of Roy and Dale, Volumes 1 and 2, which can be ordered directly from the West Quest web site, we are honored to share links to other Roy Rogers and Dale  Evans books that can be ordered elsewhere.

Other Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Books

Fans of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans will find much to enjoy within these pages. To order these books, click on the provided link or contact information that appears below the book cover.

Happy Trails and Happy Reading!

Cowboy Princess Book cover Cowboy Grill Book cover

Cowboy Princess, by Roy’s and Dale’s daughter, Cheryl Rogers-Barnett, is an intimate look at what life was like as a child of Roy and Dale.  And in the culinary collection, Cowboy Grill, Cheryl not only shares delicious and favorite recipes from Roy and Dale, but from many great stars of our time.

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Standing Tall In The Shadows Book cover

Dick Baxter was Dale Evans’ manager for decades, as well as the manager of other top talent of the time.  His book, Standing Tall in the Shadows, is a look at the warm and lasting relationships Dick shared with Dale and others.

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King Of The Cowboys Queen Of The West

In his in-depth biography, King of the Cowboys and Queen of the West, Raymond White creates a biographical history that covers a cornucopia of Roy’s and Dale’s life experiences.

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Roy Rogers A Different View

Bobby Copeland’s book, Roy Rogers: A Different View, is an unusual recreation of historical and biographical data, presented in a timeline format that stretches from Roy’s birth until his death.

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Angel Unaware Book

No Roy Rogers or Dale Evans book collection should ever be without Dale’s extraordinary 1953 book, Angel Unaware.  Still in print after all these years, Angel Unaware is the timeless story of Roy’s and Dale’s only biological child. Their daughter, Robin Elizabeth, was born with Down Syndrome. Written from Robin’s perspective as she looks down from Heaven, the book is an honest, open-heart sharing of the mere two years Roy and Dale had with their beautiful baby girl.

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The Story of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Happy Trails

Special Mention: Although this book is no longer in print,
it is worth hunting for on the second-hand market.

Pulitzer Prize-nominated author Carlton Stowers teamed with Roy and Dale to create The Story of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans: Happy Trails.  It is a wonderful collection of recollections as told directly by Roy and Dale, along with insight and commentary from Mr. Stowers.

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